Life in the South East Valley

Welcome to the Life in the South East Valley Blog! We are so proud of our community and all it has to offer. This is the blog where all things local are covered. If you are looking for the latest real estate trends, want to get to know your local businesses, or deciding if Chandler, Gilbert, or Mesa may be the right area for you, we will explore it here.

Making Your House Energy Efficient

I love Arizona in the spring.  We have the best weather, Spring Training, (Go D-Backs!), and our bragging rights are in full swing.  What better time to fill our Facebook feed with pictures of our desert in full, colorful, bloom while out on a breath taking hike?  It...

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Staging – Fresh, Styled, Neutral and SOLD!

Staging is a word often used in Real Estate.  Although taking your personal items out of your home and adding in model home furniture sounds like a wonderful idea, it's not always realistic.  However, there are certain things you can do to your home to give it a...

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What should you expect from a Realtor?

Remember the days when your friends and family had the perfect person they wanted to set you up on a blind date with? They thought they had found your soul mate and all you had to do was call them up and ask them out. You may have felt nervous, excited, anxious, or...

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Janna Webster – Club Pilates Interview

New Year's Resolutions are so exciting!  They're full of promise, a plan of being better, doing better, and challenging yourself to be the best person possible!  That is exactly what I sound like on December 31st... And then January 15 rolls around. I either didn't...

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