What You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home
There is a misconception that Sellers get to put a sign in their yard, sit back, relax, and wait for their Realtor to sell their house. But, Sellers probably have the toughest job of all. They start working hard preparing for their house to be put on the market and keep up the work all the way through closing.

Here are 6 tips to help keep your focus to sell quick and make it to the finish line.

  1. Give yourself a realistic timeline – Walk your home and try to see it for the first time with fresh eyes. The more you declutter, the larger and more open it will feel to potential buyers. Take down personal touches and pictures. You will want the buyer to see themselves living there and not feel like they are “snooping” in someone else’s home. Paint is an inexpensive way to update your house and make it look fresh. Take the time to touch up paint, paint over walls that aren’t neutral, and clean the baseboards. Steam cleaning your carpet will not only make your house look cleaner but smell fresher.
    All these things take time. Make sure you have the time for potential updates. It will not only make your home sell quicker but for more money.
2. Pick the right Realtor – Make sure your house is in their area of specialty. Realtors will typically work an area they are familiar with and study that market. Also, have a conversation with your Realtor as to how they plan on marketing your house. Make sure you are on the same page as to how she will promote your home. Do you want Open Houses? Having professional pictures taken should be a must. This will make a big difference in web marketing.
3. Price your house right – A good remodel and upkeep will always help your bottom line. However, be careful how much money you put into your house and where you are investing it. Kitchens and master bathrooms can sell the house on their own. That being said, location is a huge determining factor. Ultimately, your house will be compared to the houses that have recently sold in your neighborhood. Realtors will base the price of your house on the area, square footage, how many bedrooms, and bathrooms. A remodel will get you to the higher end of your neighbor hood but make sure to be realistic. If the house is overpriced, it will sit on the market longer than the average amount of days and Buyers will start to get the impression there is something wrong with it.
4. The first impression is the only impression – A Buyer has already made a judgement on your house when they pull up to your curbside. Remember what your Mother said, “you never have a second chance to make a first impression.”
Hiring a landscaper to keep the yard in shape and the bushes trimmed while your house is on the market could be a good idea. Planting flowers, putting out a new welcome mat, and sprucing up your entry way makes your house feel well kept and inviting before they unlock the front door.
5. Treat every day like a party – Your house needs to be ready to show at all times. Keeping up with the dishes, rooms cleaned, floors dusted and vacuumed are a must. It’s as if the guests for your party will be arriving any minute and they will be in every room of your house, (and closets). This should be your mindset at all times while your house is on the market. It’s inconvenient but worth it.
6. Leave….and take your dog with you! -When showing your home, it’s best if you are not there. It is tempting to tell a potential Buyer what a great house it’s been. However, this does not allow a Buyer to really look around and get a true feel for the house. Furthermore, the Buyer won’t feel comfortable looking in closets and cabinets and making sure they love it. Lastly, if you can take your animals with you, the better off you will be.
Not everyone is an animal lover and some people are allergic to them as well. The last thing you want is your dog barking at a potential Buyer and making them uncomfortable in your house.  
7. Know your bottom line – There will be costs at closing. If you need to make a certain profit, know the costs that you will incur selling your home. A spreadsheet will help you make the final decision. Keep in mind what you owe on your home, closing costs, Realtor fees, inspection fixes, etc.