Olga and Jennifer

The Color Coded System

What a difference!


Reputation follows you everywhere. Our choices create our intergrity.  So, after meeting Olga Moya and hearing multiple people gush about the amazing job her company, Alert Cleaning Services does, I knew she must be my local business interview for March.  What better way to start your Spring cleaning than to have an outstanding company beautify your home and office from top to bottom?  After sitting down with Olga, I can’t help but gush about her too.

Jennifer:  Why did you choose this neighborhood to open Alert Cleaning Services?  What makes it special to you?  

Olga:  I didn’t choose the neighborhood.  The neighborhood chose me!  I moved to Chandler in 1995 and bought my first home.  I opened Alert Cleaning Services off of Dobson and Ray and my first customer was in Sun Lakes.  We have since expanded to Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Ahwatukee.  We are an East Valley company.

Jennifer:  How do you think Alert Cleaning Services benefits the community?  What does it give the community it didn’t have before?

Olga:  We are a company that cares about our clients.  When come to their homes, we are so grateful because people’s homes are their sanctuary.  So, when they open the door for us, we feel very blessed.  We take care of our clients homes like they were are own.  That’s how we give back and make sure the cleaning is up to their standards.  We are all about the customer experience.  We are a big family.  Our clients refer their Aunts, Uncles, and daughter-in-laws.

Jennifer:  What is your specialty?  What do you think people come back for most?

Olga:  Our specialty is implementing a Color Coded System.  We have a different color towel for every area of the house, (see the picture above).  For example, we have a different color towel for the kitchen, bathrooms, glass, and dusting.  This is so there isn’t any cross contamination.  Same with the caddies.  They are also color coded so only certain cleaning products go into certain rooms.  The service we provide is always the best.  The way we pay attention to details.  We have integrity, we are professionals.  We love seeing the happy faces on our clients.

Jennifer:  You are a “Green Company”.  What does that mean and how does it benefit your customer?

Olga:  We became an Eco Friendly company 5 years ago.  We only use 100% natural products.  We use different products for every room of our house.  You don’t realize it, but when you use chemicals, they go into the air and cause allergies.  We care about our clients, their pets, and our planet.  We’ve done enough damage to the Earth and we want to do something to help.  You don’t have to sacrifice your health to have your house clean.

Jennifer:  How long have you been in business?  

Olga:  Since June of 1995.  We are a licensed, bonded, insured company.  We have never had a claim against us and all of our employees are background checked.

Jennifer:  Are you only residential or do you do commercial buildings?

Olga:  We started in residential only but have since added commercial.  We learned if we are a one stop shop, it makes it easier for our clients.  We often clean our clients offices and then their homes.  We also do carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.  We work a lot with Realtors and Property Management Companies.  Also, when you call to schedule, you only have to make one call – we know the best order to schedule your different cleanings.

Jennifer:  If someone is moving or having a party, would you also do a one time cleaning for them?  

Olga:  Yes!  We do all facets of cleaning.  Moving in or out, Christmas, for a party, anything.  We accommodate our clients.  I love to come to your house and give a one time, free consultation so we can give you an accurate rate.  We don’t judge and there is always discretion.  But, we’re glad you took action to call us!  You pushed the re-start button.  When you work full time and are busy, it’s hard to keep up and it effects your mood.  What is a better feeling than coming home after a long, hard days work to a clean house?  Nothing!

Jennifer:  How does scheduling work?  What are your hours?

Olga:  We are very consistent with our scheduling.  Once you are on the calendar, you get the same day, time, and cleaning crew.  And, you will get a 24 hour notice by e-mail or text.  Our hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  We really care about our employees and this job is very physical so we want them to have 2 days off.

Jennifer:  Do you run any specials?

Olga:  Yes, we do.  We have bundle cleaning discounts and referral discounts.  People can either take the money off of their services or add a service for free.

Want to know how Alert Cleaning can make your house sparkle?  Get a hold of them here!

Alert Cleaning Services:  480-786-3838

www.AlertCleaning.com – a great place to see before and after pictures, read reviews, and more!