Right now, the real estate market might feel overwhelming for the first time home buyer.  The words, “Sellers Market” ring in your ears.  What does that mean?  How does that effect you?  In a nut shell, a Seller’s Market means that there are more Buyers looking for a house than houses on the market.  Sometimes, that can get you into a bidding war.  It is not uncommon for a Seller today to get more than one offer on their house and they get to pick which Buyer’s offer is in their best interest.  The Seller will be looking at all offers and seeing what the Buyer is asking from them.  Will the Buyer have a Contingency?  Are they asking for Closing Costs?  Does the Buyer have their Pre-Qualification done?

Are you overwhelmed yet?  No Worries!  First, let’s start with the new vocabulary you are going to learn durning this process.  I’ve added a Vocabulary sheet to walk you through the start of it.  Second, I have ideas and theories to get your offer noticed.  Third, I will walk you through every step to make sure you feel comfortable with the process, have fun looking at houses, and get you the place you love.  Let’s unlock your dream home!


First Time Home Buyer Vocab sheet